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Eon: Dragoneye Reborn

Eon: Dragoneye Reborn - Alison Goodman I found Eon to be a very fascinating book. Alison Goodman does an amazing job of painting a vivid world that you get sucked into as you follow the main character, "Eon", through the story. I've read a few reviews of this book that were less then complimentary about the quality of the story and the writing. I would say that I have to disagree with these reviewers on their feelings about this book. I found it to be a fairly easy read that had plenty of action to get you through the book. I will say that there were a few points in the story where you were kind of "willing" the story to move along a little quicker, but it wasn't terrible at all.

Eon is a great lead character because "he" doesn't always have the answers and spends a lot of time worrying about how things are going to work out. I like that in a main character because it is like real life. No one has everything together and we all worry about how things are going to pan out for us. Needless to say, Eon, has plenty to worry about as the story moves along. There was the constant worry of connecting to the dragon, dealing with Ido, and hiding all of "his" secrets from the world at large and from friends. (We all know how hard it is to keep things from our friends)

The plot was well thought out and kept you guessing throughout the book. The other characters in the book were well rounded and Goodman didn't spend an unnecessary amount of the book describing them. She did enough to let you know all the details that were important for each character. Some authors "over do" some of their supporting characters and that annoys me to know end. I don't want to spend 100 pages talking about characters that the story doesn't ultimately revolve around.

Having said all of that; I feel that Eon is a book that is well worth the time to read. The story is engaging and the author leaves you on the edge of your seat for the second book. I can't wait to pick it up to find out how this wonderful story and power struggle come to an end.

Overall: 4/5