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The Hunt for the Seventh

The Hunt for the Seventh - Christine Morton-Shaw I just finished up this fascinating read by Christine Morton-Shaw. The Hunt for the Seventh was a wonderfully written book. There were many times in the book that I had no idea where the plot was heading so that makes it a great thriller I suppose.

The characters and plot of this book were excellent. The characters were well developed, but not over developed. I never found myself bored with an over explanation of what was going on, as some authors are prone to doing. The plot had sufficient twists and turns to keep you reading all the way to the end. Morton-Shaw did a fantastic job in crafting this story.

This book is written for middle school aged kids I would say. If you are a parent and you don't like the idea of ghosts, witches, and magic then I think it would be best if you steer clear of this book. If you don't mind those things then this as a fantastic, and quick, read.

Overall Rating: 4/5